Move Better Feel Better

Do you have nagging pain? Are you tired of not knowing where to start?

    • Treat the root cause of your pain not just the symptoms

    • Education to help you take control of your pain

    • 1 on 1 quality treatment from a clinician who deeply cares

    • Get back on your feet QUICKER to do the things you love !

Manual Therapy

Targeted at resolving the true source of pain /injury and include joint mobilizations/myofascial release, kinesotaping, IASTM etc.

Therapeutic Exercise

Loading of tissues/ joints with exercises that are tailored to YOU and the things you want to return to

Ergonomic Assessments

An assessment of your workspace to ensure correct work set-ups to reduce risk of injury/ pain

Mobility and Injury Prevention Assessments

1 hour to identify risk factors that might cause injury and derail your fitness goals/ things you love to do

  • Entails a full body movement screen to identify weakness/ restrictions

  • Specific joint screen from head to toe to analyze deficits that may hinder performance or can lead to injury

  • A custom program tailored to meet your needs/ goals